Blog Under New Management

I know what you must be thinking: “Where has the Simply 7 Blog been?! Last December Paul promised me step by step directions on how to make hummus chips and I’ve yet to hear step one! What am I going to do with all of this hummus, Paul?! Answer me!” And I understand your frustration. My name is Will and I am Paul’s new intern. The reason Paul has kept you all on the edges of your respective seats is due to his commitment to doing actual work and expanding our brand instead of constantly updating this blog like a teenage girl. That’s partially why he hired me. I am half of a teenage girl. That sounded weird. What I meant was I am a teenager and therefore have a constant need to update anything internet related. So since this knee-jerk update reflex has been ingrained in me since the birth of the internet, I have been put in charge of any and all social networking in an effort to entice fans and update everyone on the progress of our work here at Simply 7.

Now, as I mentioned before, Paul created this blog to give an inside look into what it takes for a budding chip company to get its product from the farms onto the shelves. In keeping with this, I figured what better way to walk someone through this process than for you to experience it as I do. As I learn it, you learn it. Since I am brand new to this company, and the snack market in general, I have about the level of knowledge that any of you readers have. So this will be a learning experience for the both of us. Since I have only been working here a couple of days, the majority of what I know of the chip industry is that interns speak when spoken to and that Paul likes his coffee with two creams and one sugar.

Pictured: My general knowledge of the snack industry

But in between the stresses of his job, Paul is sharing with me his vast knowledge of the business as he has come to know it and as this happens, I will bestow the information onto you. So keep looking for updates as I will be periodically checking in to inform you, the chip-hungry public, on how things work around here.

Stay Hungry,
Will the Intern

5 thoughts on “Blog Under New Management

  1. I am not much on blogging, but now you have my interest. That is saying alot coming from someone who reads papers about food for a living. Looking forward to the rest of the story!

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