The holidays are here!

Which means it’s time for holiday parties and time to go celebrate with family. But how do you possibly stay healthy through the overwhelming amount of holiday treats being offered to you and the numerous cocktail parties?

I’ve compiled a list of my favorite tips to stay health this holiday. Make it through New Year’s without gaining a pound!

  1. Take Vitamins. With everyone traveling and the change in weather, it is a very easy time to get sick, so make sure you are up on your Vitamin C intake.
  2. Drink lots of water! Believe or not, keeping hydrated keeps weight off, and is the best thing you can do to stay looking great. The mayo clinic recommends 2.2 liters or 9 cups= 72 oz per day!
  3. Make your own healthy treats for the office or parties, then you will know what they are made from and can control your snacking. If you’re making cookies, use less oil, or sub olive oil, and use egg whites instead of the yolks for all baked goods. It’s also a great idea to keep healthy snacks, such as carrots sticks or low-fat yogurt, Fage is my favorite, in your office so when you see others snacking you have something healthier to snack on.
  4. For holiday parties stick to the meat items, protein will fill you up and is lower in calories, look for chicken or turkey as well as any vegetables. And keep in mind those shrimp hors d’oeuvres are high in cholesterol! Stay away from dips or cream sauces, they are usually high in fat and add additional calories.
  5. Opt for vodka drinks with soda water or light juice. Another option is wine, both red and white wine usually contain about 120 calories per glass Sometimes we forget that cocktails usually have 120-450 calories each.  The best way to evaluate is if it’s sweet, it’s probably loaded with calories. Sweet also = hangover, so stay away!
  6. If you will be with family where it is cold, don’t think you can’t workout, the nice thing about being outside when the weather is cold is that you burn more calories than you normally would.  Your body is programmed to maintain a temperature of 98.6, when your core temperature drops when you are cold, your body needs to exert energy to bring the temperature back up by shivering, which burns calories. One perk to being cold this winter 🙂 
  7. Find little exercises you can do inside, try taking the stairs in your building or office. Walking to lunch instead of driving. This is also a great time to pull out an old yoga or Pilates DVD that has been collecting dust. Remember, everyone is probably trying to stay fit through the holidays too so convince a friend, co-worker or family member to help you out.

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