Simply7 Ideas for Trick Or Treat!

English: A pile of Planter's brand trail mix, ...
English: A pile of Planter’s brand trail mix, with peanuts, cashews, M&Ms and almonds. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Taken for Halloween during a carving
Taken for Halloween during a carving (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Every year Halloween comes around and for everyone it means dressing up, parties, and lots of sugar, let’s make this year different with these seven delicious yet healthy treats, you can make good decisions this year! Let’s start with one of all-time favorite autumn snack Pumpkin seeds. Who doesn’t like to turn on the over after carving out Jack O’ Lanterns spreading the seeds out in a pan and toasting them.

Making them crunchy and delicious you can either make them sweet by adding a little sugar or syrup or salty by sprinkling a little salt before popping them into the oven. For all of those trick or treaters make their candy bag a little healthier just go out and get cereal bars instead of the candy, they won’t think of you won’t be the mean person on the street giving them apples. Or if you don’t want to go out and spend a lot of money on cereal bars and you want to have fun; go out to the nearest store and make some  trail mix baggies to hand out, it can be a fun and healthy treat even for your kids! And who doesn’t like a small bag of pretzels once in a while; it’s healthier than candy and not too expensive either.

There are a lot of different alternatives to the teeth rotting candy that everyone chooses to buy for Halloween another thing you can buy that is both healthy and tastes good is raisins or the sweeter version of chocolate covered raisins. Or instead of having to give out candy or any type of food you can help hydrate the kids with a juice box or a little bottle of water. You can even give them something every kid loves, some apple sauce; it is a healthy and creative trick or treat snack. With a little help from everyone we can turn Halloween into a fun and healthy holiday for everyone to enjoy!

Trick or Treat (TV series)
Trick or Treat (TV series) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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