7 Tips for a Healthier Christmas dinner!

With Thanksgiving dinner behind us and the upcoming weeks of holiday parties, and family get-togethers The Simply7 team has put together some great and healthier alternatives to the traditional meals this holiday! Here are 7 different healthy recipes, for sides, desserts and casseroles.

  1. We’ll start with some healthy and delicious sides that you can make this year.  A delicious Sautéed Brussels Sprouts recipe, the recipe calls for bacon but if you don’t want to use it that’s fine just leave it out! Recipe Here
  2. Low-calorie Wheat Berry Salad from Health.com. This salad takes a little more preparation but it is definitely worth trying, we did! Recipe Here
  3. Sweet Potato and Apple Casserole –  from Food.com, Adding sweet taste of apple to the sweet potato the apple taste with the sweet potato gives this casserole a twist that you can’t resist. Recipe Here
  4. From CDKitchen we have a very healthy Baked Vegetable casserole, with three different vegetables this recipe could be the star of your holiday dinner. Recipe Here
  5. Now for healthier desserts, here are some healthier options for the same traditional tastes. First we have Pumpkin Custard from Whole Living, it’s like a crust less pumpkin pie! Recipe Here
  6. For the famous apple pie, here is a healthier option that is just as delicious! Adding some oatmeal and nuts to the pie makes it crunchy and delicious. Here’s a recipe from Delish for this great apple pie Recipe Here
  7. Now for one of the most important parts of the meal, the stuffing, here is a great healthier alternative for the stuffing! From Taste of Home we have a great Artichoke Stuffing recipe. Recipe Here or Try Simply7’s stuffing.

Making these little changes in your holiday meals can help you and your family be a little healthier and maybe will even start a new tradition.


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