Great start to 2013!

Simply7 is starting this New Year on the right foot. Yesterday we had Lauren Hartman the Editor-in-Chief from Snack Food and Wholesale Bakery Magazine down from Chicago, Illinois to interview Rashim and Paul on behalf of Simply7. When they were down here they took a tour of our production and manufacturing facility and took some great pictures of the executive team and of our products. We had a great time working with the Magazine’s photographer as well as Lauren and ended up with great photos.

This magazine focuses on snack and baking companies, their developments and everything that is included in them, including new ingredients, the newest technology, and of course the hottest and upcoming product trends. We we’re honored to be a part of the magazine and ecstatic when we found out we would be on the cover!

But that’s not all of it; when Ms. Hartman visited us in Houston she told us that she had a present for the Simply7 team and to our surprise the present was a “Snack Manufacturer of the Year” this award is a great start not only to this New Year but also to the many awards that we are hoping to achieve this year and many more to come.



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