Valentine’s Day is right around the corner: Are you ready?

We’d like to make it a little easier on you this year, so here at Simply7 the team has come up with 7 great ideas to spoil that special someone this year!

  1. Stay in and cook a romantic dinner. We’ve got recipes if you need them. Add some candle light and some calming music and enjoy each other’s company. Recipes here,
  2. Find a dance or art class near your house and surprise them with a spontaneous and fun activity you can do together. Try Groupon or Living Social
  3. You could always get your special someone a spa day to relax, who doesn’t enjoy having a day to themselves. Give them a treat of a massage or a manicure/pedicure.
  4. If you know they like pictures you can always gather some of their favorite pictures and put them together in a picture book or a collage to hang them all together. Here are some great sites that make this super simple. Try or
  5. Another idea is having a movie night; grab some popcorn and your favorite movies and enjoy a relaxing night in each other’s company. Need some ideas on what to watch,
  6. You can always do what every couple does on Valentine’s Day and go out to their favorite restaurant, but don’t forget those reservations since everyone wants to go out that night. If you want a table somewhere, book it now.
  7. There is always the classic gift for Valentine’s Day, flowers, we found some great website to order from. or

For more ideas we love, check out our Valentine’s Day Pintrest board!


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