Tips for making 7 great holiday favorites healthier

Labor Day is just around the corner and Barbeques and Picnics are the prime way to celebrate this holiday and the end of the summer months. Simply7 has come up with some tips for making 7 popular holiday eats for your Labor Day celebration healthier that won’t leave you feeling guilty afterwards.


Main Course


  • Go lean – Mix in finely chopped mushrooms for flavor and cut down on the meat. Or don’t use meat at all…have a full vegi-fest by making a mushroom or bean patty instead.
  • Smart Accessories – Add guacamole for some southwestern flavor. Lose the cheese or try substituting vegan cheese.
  • Drop the carbs – Toss the bun and use lettuce as a wrap.


Hot Dogs

  • Go lean – Use low fat or poultry based meats or find hot dogs with lower sodium.
  • Smart Accessories – Instead of pickles which are high in sodium, try cucumbers with a dash of lemon pepper seasoning. Use ketchup, sweet relish and mayo sparingly.
  • Drop the carbs – Opt for a whole grain bun or whole wheat tortilla or go bunless.


Side Kicks

Potato Chips

  • Go lean – Opt for Simply7 chips instead of regular potato chips for 40-50% less fat.
  • Drop the carbs – Put out carrots, celery, and sliced bell peppers for a great, healthy crunch.


Potato Salad

  • Go lean – Instead of mayonnaise try a dairy-free version by dressing your potato salad in a light lemon vinaigrette with fresh mint.
  • Drop the carbs – Scrap this side altogether and go for cole slaw instead.


Cole Slaw

  • Go lean – Combine broccoli slaw with a low fat mayo and yogurt dressing. Or drizzle honey-lemon dressing over carrots and celery root in a shredded slaw.


Pasta Salad

  • Go lean – Toss in canned chunk light tuna, cooked chicken or flavored baked tofu to add protein and make it more filling.
  • Drop the carbs – Use whole wheat pasta and mix lettuce in to cut down on the noodles. Go easy on the dressing and add a burst of vitamins and minerals with a colorful mix of diced bell pepper, shredded carrot and tomatoes.



Any Dessert

  • Go lean – Use a cupcake tin to make individual servings easier to measure, and satisfy that sweet tooth without the extra calories. Instead of ice cream, opt for fat free whipped topping or frozen yogurt.



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