7 Simple Game Day Entertaining Ideas

The football season is underway and the rivalries are heating up. But no matter which team you are rooting for, taking in the game with family/friends can be a real blast! Check out these 7 great entertaining ideas to make your next football party a hit.




  • Get creative and theme your snacks!

               Make a great dip recipe and decorate to look like a football field. Try a great guacamole dip or any other dip that is green in color for the grass.


  • Go all out with Décor!
          Are you guests split on which team they are rooting for? Have one side of the party area decked out for the home team and the other for the opponents.
  • The heat is on! Host a cook off with your football party.
          Ask your guests to make their favorite version of a classic game day dish (their favorite dip, their favorite snack,  favorite dessert) and host a contest. Have a vote and see whose dish wins!  And as the host – sit back and take in a few plays while your guests do the heavy lifting.


  • Activity/Game time (other than the one on TV)! – During commercials and/or half time get all your guests involved.
         Have a pool or bet on topics in the game or Play Football bingo: Make your own score cards with football related words & terms and when the word is mentioned, mark off on your score card
  • Dress up for the occasion!
          Paint your face in war paint. Wear team jerseys. Get your pets suited up before the whistle blows!
  • Make your own noisemakers!
            Got kids, or just a rowdy bunch of fans? Buy some football theme noisemakers or make your own for the game. You can decorate them any way you like, add team colors, the options are endless!
  • Set up a tailgate outside!
          You don’t have to be AT the game to set up a great tailgate outside the comfort of your own home. So fire up those grills and set up a tent with food, drinks, snacks and activities. Bring out your TV, or experience the game on the radio.Image

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