Mother’s Day Is Right Around The Corner, Here Are 7 Ways to Celebrate Mom!

Mother's Day Gift Ideas!
Mother’s Day Gift Ideas! (Photo credit: The Greenery Nursery)

As children in school we make finger painted cards and noodle necklaces for Mother’s Day. As we get older the search for the “Right” gift becomes a little more stressful and time consuming. Simply7 came up with 7 tips to help you find the best gift for mom this Mother’s Day.

  1.  Personalized Gifts always tend to touch the recipients heart a little more than a traditional gift. Giving mom a personalized card, piece of jewelry, or photo related gift will give her an item that connects you and her to the special occasion and relationship you have. To find reasonably priced personalized gifts for her go to
  2.  A gift basket of her favorite scents, lotions, candles, or soaps is a traditional, yet thoughtful gift. A woman can never go wrong with a basket full of her favorite goodies. A great website to shop for gift baskets is A custom made basket makes a great gift as well.
  3. Gift cards are easy and a great way to get mom to spend money on herself in places she wouldn’t normally. A gift card to a spa day, her favorite restaurant, pottery class, or a wine tasting are some great ideas to surprise her with.
  4. Flowers are the more traditional and popular gift choice on Mother’s Day, yet it still is a beautiful and colorful way to brighten her day. You can also, have them delivered to her job or house to make her feel a little more special around the office or house. Wanting to order flowers to get delivered?  Try ordering through or your local florist.
  5. If she enjoys cooking, gardening, travel, or crafts find creative gifts that match her interest. I would suggest looking on to have a variety of choices.
  6. Mothers are always the first and last to be in the kitchen. This Mother’s Day be the one cooking a home cooked meal for her and the family.
  7. Take her to a restaurant she has never been to or has wanted to go to, but has not had the chance to treat herself. Wanting to make reservations? Visit to avoid the wait.


Holiday Shopping

Still need to go Holiday shopping? Well now that it’s almost time for gifts, the Simply7 team came up with 7 shopping tips for you.

  1. Ten days before Christmas is one of the best times to stock up on cheap gifts, retailers have very good deals up to 40% off, so make a list and head out to get gifts for everyone on your list.
  2. Look up stores that match competitor’s ads. Why take more than one trip? If you know what to get everyone write them down and go to a place that price matches and you can save money and time.

    Christmas gifts
    Christmas gifts (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
  3. Go shopping for gifts online soon; some stores still will deliver before Christmas.  Try shopping on Amazon, they have almost everything you want and you can choose from different things, prices, and shipping options.
  4. One thing most people don’t think of is going to craft shops, thrift stores, or other places that more people won’t think of going to so it won’t be busy with everyone running around trying to finish their lists and checking them twice.
  5. One option for next year is go out after Christmas and get shopping done for everyone. Stores have great sales everywhere and you can stock up not only for next holiday but for birthdays, graduations and any other gift giving occasion.
  6. Another option for next year – Go shopping earlier, people start shopping as early as October so they don’t have to deal with the Black Friday madness and soon after that Holiday rushes.
    Inside Hawthorn mall on Black Friday 2006
    Inside Hawthorn mall on Black Friday 2006 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


  7. There’s always the simple answer of giving gift cards, find out what stores they like and get them a gift card to that store. Then you know you got them something they will definitely use.

These 7 tips are not only for this year but hopefully years to come, stock up when you find deals, and start your shopping early to get ahead of all of the rushes! But remember to always be safe.