7 Ways to celebrate Dad this Father’s Day

Some dads can be so easy to shop for: bow tie, baseball tickets, or new tool box. Then there are some that require days, maybe even months of thinking and planning for a clever and unexpected Father’s Day gift. If your Dad is one of those or you just simply need some suggestions, we’ve come up with 7 ideas that will show him he’s number one on this Father’s Day.

Most Dads spend this time of year outdoors. From BBQ‘s to camping they seem to gravitate to the outdoors. This can be a good thing for gift ideas. Depending on which outdoor activity he enjoys look to buy him a new or updated item he already owns. A new grill, tent, or even lawn mower is great idea. Visit your nearest outdoors store and shop around for some items like these.

Electronics, electronics, and more electronics! Dads are for some reason fascinated with electronics. Get Dad that new TV, or new surround sound system for the living room. We found some great ideas at http://www.sharperimage.com/si/view/category/Fathers-Day-Gift-Ideas/100111?mainCatId=200014

For the Dad that loves sports. If you’re thinking about getting him something from this department, it should be a little easier. Anything with his favorite teams’ logo will most likely do just fine. Anything from a jersey to coffee mug is a nice gift. To think a little bigger season tickets or new equipment for tail gating is something that would be unexpected. Check out this website for great sports apparel http://www.fansedge.com/fathers-day-gifts-ideas.aspx

Men usually don’t shop throughout the year unless it’s a holiday or for someone else. This would be a great time to get him some new clothes that he normally would not think to purchase for himself. A new shirt (casual or dress), pants, or even shoes. Check out his closet to get a better idea of what he needs most.

Make him his favorite meal or take him to his favorite restaurant. Men love to eat and you definitely cannot go wrong if you decide to simply take him out or cook that meal that he loves.

Buy something for his car. For the Dad that has a passion for his car or cars in general, buy him something that he can use or has wanted to upgrade his car. He’ll not only love the thought, but probably be totally surprised.

As we said for Mother’s Day a personalized gift is always a great thoughtful gift and can also be a great idea for Dad also. A personalized shirt, coffee mug, or even cell phone case are a few ideas that he might enjoy.


7 ways to stay on track this Memorial Day

Memorial Day is almost here! Simply7 knows it can be hard to stay on track with all the BBQ’s and gatherings that will be going on this weekend. We wanted to give you some tips on how to enjoy this Memorial Day weekend guilt-free.

Try grilling Veggie Kabobs! Try eating more of these to stay away from the potato salad and mac n cheese. Check out this website for some great recipe ideas http://weelicious.com/2011/08/30/grilled-veggie-kabobs/

Burgers and hot dogs are two of the most traditional food items you will see on the grill this Memorial Day weekend. This year try grilling turkey burgers and turkey hot dogs. Follow this link for an amazing turkey burger recipe http://allrecipes.com/recipe/seasoned-turkey-burgers/

Stay active! It is Memorial Day weekend after all and for most a long 3 day weekend. Get some exercise in. If there is a volleyball game or Frisbee game going participate! This weekend does not have solely be about eating.

Think and eat in moderation. Don’t arrive with the “all or nothing mentality”. Don’t deprive yourself of everything, but don’t eat everything in sight and tell yourself you will start over on Monday. Remember everything in moderation.

Drink plenty of water. We all know sodas, lemonade, and fruit juices are loaded with sugar. Remember staying hydrated and drinking plenty water also helps you know when you are really hungry. Not only will you avoid drinking your calories, but it will help you from over eating.

Fruit, fruit, and more fruit! Cold fruits make a great dessert. Watermelon, pineapples, strawberries, and melons will be popular this weekend as well.  Choose this to satisfy your sweet tooth after your meal instead of cake and cookies.

If you happen to be a meat lover, stick to the leaner meats like grilled chicken breasts or fish if available. Try to avoid all of the mayo filled dishes.  Load up on the good stuff and enjoy yourself.

Thinking about hosting your own Memorial Day cook off? Here are a few websites to check out for some delicious recipes ideas.




Who’s Ready For the Super Bowl.

The biggest game of the year is coming up soon, and we are all getting ready. Let’s all try to be healthier this year, the Simply7 team has found 7 healthier alternatives. Even if you replace just one thing at your party you’ll be doing your friends and family a favor.

  1. From Picky Eater we have a delicious and a very healthy alternative as a snack, here’s an Arugula, corn and tomato salad! Everyone will love this as a snack. http://pickyeaterblog.com/arugula-corn-and-tomato-salad/arugula
  2. Another great find on Picky eater’s blog is an alternative for onion rings; try sweet potato and zucchini wedges and oven chips. Cooking these in the oven instead of frying your food makes is a lot healthier. http://pickyeaterblog.com/healthy-food-swap-oven-fries-recipes/
  3. A delicious and refreshing snack you can put out and everyone would enjoy it, great fruit kebabs that are not only delicious but also cheap and easy to make! http://www.fitsugar.com/Healthy-Super-Bowl-Snacks-Dips-7269052?slide=5
  4. Looking at making burgers and grilling for your party, try this healthy alternative to hamburgers, add as many or as few toppings as you like, but try turkey instead of beef. burger
  5. For all of the chili lovers out there making it healthier just do the same as the hamburgers, just use turkey instead if beef here’s a great chili recipe. http://www.womansday.com/recipefinder/turkey-three-bean-chili-recipe-122837
  6. Here’s a great dip recipe, a healthy tomato hummus dip. Another great alternative for any dip anyone would enjoy something this healthy and tasty at any Super Bowl party. http://www.fitsugar.com/Healthy-Super-Bowl-Snacks-Dips-7269052?slide=6
  7. Last and definitely not least is try exchanging the potato chips, try all of our great chips, everyone loves them, and they are an amazing alternative for the regular chips! Order them on line, go to our website or even look up the closest store that carries our chips at http://www.simply7snacks.com/.

You don’t have to break your New Year’s resolution for the game. Why ruin it with one day if there are so many alternatives. Use our healthy tips and keep your resolution!

7 Tips for a Healthier Christmas dinner!

With Thanksgiving dinner behind us and the upcoming weeks of holiday parties, and family get-togethers The Simply7 team has put together some great and healthier alternatives to the traditional meals this holiday! Here are 7 different healthy recipes, for sides, desserts and casseroles.

  1. We’ll start with some healthy and delicious sides that you can make this year.  A delicious Sautéed Brussels Sprouts recipe, the recipe calls for bacon but if you don’t want to use it that’s fine just leave it out! Recipe Here
  2. Low-calorie Wheat Berry Salad from Health.com. This salad takes a little more preparation but it is definitely worth trying, we did! Recipe Here
  3. Sweet Potato and Apple Casserole –  from Food.com, Adding sweet taste of apple to the sweet potato the apple taste with the sweet potato gives this casserole a twist that you can’t resist. Recipe Here
  4. From CDKitchen we have a very healthy Baked Vegetable casserole, with three different vegetables this recipe could be the star of your holiday dinner. Recipe Here
  5. Now for healthier desserts, here are some healthier options for the same traditional tastes. First we have Pumpkin Custard from Whole Living, it’s like a crust less pumpkin pie! Recipe Here
  6. For the famous apple pie, here is a healthier option that is just as delicious! Adding some oatmeal and nuts to the pie makes it crunchy and delicious. Here’s a recipe from Delish for this great apple pie Recipe Here
  7. Now for one of the most important parts of the meal, the stuffing, here is a great healthier alternative for the stuffing! From Taste of Home we have a great Artichoke Stuffing recipe. Recipe Here or Try Simply7’s stuffing.

Making these little changes in your holiday meals can help you and your family be a little healthier and maybe will even start a new tradition.

Simply7 Loves Fall Recipes…

Here are some great seasonal fall recipes to keep you happy and warm this fall.

From Simply Recipes we have an interesting mix of apple and squash flavors in this Butternut Squash Apple Soup check it out here.  This soup is easy to make and is great for a tasty warm meal!

A great side for that soup is found thanks to House Beautiful, a delicious Wild Mushroom and Blue cheese crostini, Recipe here.

If a soup or salad doesn’t fill you up here is a delicious, healthy, and very filling Butternut Squash Lasagna recipe. Yes, you heard that right, butternut squash Lasagna, and it’s amazing. Get the recipe here.  Try it out and let us know how it works out for you.

As a snack you can try this fall inspired salad, healthy and filling, thanks to Epicurious.  This salad has salad has kumquats and this addition makes this salad a real fall treat here. 

Lastly, If you have guests over and are looking for a sweet dessert that isn’t the usual pumpkin pie try this healthy sweet treat! Whole-wheat Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Bread. Found thanks to Recipe Girl. Check it out here.

Let us know if you try any of these and how it went! We would love to hear your thoughts on these recipes!

Father’s Day is Coming Up, Here Are 7 Phenomenal Ideas on How To Make His Day Great with The Perfect Gift!!

Dad may not ask for a lot during the year, so Father’s Day is the perfect time to show him your appreciation. Maybe this year we can leave the ties behind and move on to better things. Here are our top 7 recommendations for simply marvelous gifts!

1. Personalized Double Insulated Cocktail Shaker from William Sonoma.

2. Mesh Grilling Basket-Perfect for veggies, meat, or seafood! Find it at Sur Le Table

3. A Personalized Skin or Case for His Cell Phone. Find it at the Personalization Mall.

4. The Art of Shaving, Starter Kit, Unscented, Lemon, Lavender, and Sandalwood.

5. 6 months of Hulu Plus + Reciever (Just $79) Check it out here.

6. Home Beer Brewing Kit from William Sonoma. 

7. A hug and a rolex, and a bag of Simply7 chips. (Just kidding about the rolex) But, if you want to order some chips, try us on Amazon.com and use the code 25simply for 25% off!

Mother’s Day is This Sunday, Here Are 7 Ideas on How To Make Her Day Great with The Perfect Gift!!

Mother’s Day is the perfect time to show your mom how much you really appreciate her. If you’re like most of us, she has been helping you out most of your life and we rarely take the time to tell her how much we truly appreciate her. Show her this Mother’s Day. We’ve put together some of our best ideas.

1. Breakfast in bed- This is actually super easy and inexpensive, but would probably mean a lot. Nothing is better than waking up and having the coffee already made and food to eat. Plus your loved ones to wake up to. Here are some great, healthy breakfast ideas.

2. This year instead of sending flowers try giving her something she can plant, and remember you year round. You could even plant it for her in her garden. Check out some ideas here.

3. Spa Gift Certificate– All women love to be pampered. Get you mom a trip to the spa for a massage or pedicure, or even set up a time to take her in and have some mother daughter

time. If you don’t know what is in her area a great idea is to purchase http://www.spafinder.com/Catalog/spagiftcertificates.jsp

4.Groupon or Living Social Vouchers – Check online this week for some great buys in the area. Last week I bough a few car washes and some great vouchers to restaurants in the area. Checking these sites out in the area your mom lives could give you some great ideas. You could even get her a voucher to have her house cleaned. Check out what’s on sale here or here.

5. Arts and Crafts – Make your mom something, she’ll remember it forever and it will be

crafts (Photo credit: Margarida Sardo)

very unique. Check out these great ideas here.

6. Photos- Mom’s always love photos! Specially of their kids and grand kids. You can easily get some photos printed at your local Walmart or Drugstore and find a frame from 10-20 dollars and still make your mom’s day. Here are some other unique photo ideas.

7. Monthly Membership- Get her a membership to a wine club so she can try something new each month, and think of you each month too check it out here. You could also get her

Image representing Netflix as depicted in Crun...
Image via CrunchBase

a Netflix membership so she can have movies delivered for a month, check it out here.