7 Tips to get in shape this Summer!

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Exercise daily. Taking walks, joining a gym, or even taking a pair of light weight weights to work for at least a half hour a day will dramatically help you to get and stay in shape.

Maintain a clean diet. Know what you eat. Stay away from processed foods and sugar. Try eating more veggies and protein.

Don’t drink your calories. Try not to drink anything that has calories or a lot of calories. Drink water and plenty of it. Water suppresses hunger and is calorie, sugar, and carbohydrate free!

Try not to eat before bed. As we sleep our energy levels drop, which makes it twice as hard for our bodies to burn excess calories that we eat during a late night dinner. Save your food for when you are awake.

Starting slow is better than fast. Starting an exercise plan that includes running ten miles and then being sick for weeks is not where you should be starting. Start by walking for 30 minutes or using a lighter weight than heavier weights.

Find a partner. Having someone else pushing you and doing exercises with you, will make it easier to stay on track. They also can be a great motivational boost and make working out fun, rather than actual work.

Resting day. Make sure no matter what, you set aside a day or two to rest.  Some people choose to rest on the weekends. While others the weekend is the only time they have to work out.  Just as long as you give your body the proper rest it needs doesn’t really matter what day you choose. Do keep in mind this is not an excuse to binge eat and ruin all your heard work.


7 Indoor Exercise Tips for the Holidays

With the Holidays just around the corner, let’s all try to be healthier before all of the office parties, the egg nog, and all of the food that the holidays brings into our lives. Here are 7 great indoor exercises for those cold days ahead of us. So you don’t have to skip your daily dose.

1. One of the most well-known exercises that works out your whole body, and good cardio, so good in fact that most athletes do it as well. Jumping rope, you can go out and buy one or you can use some rope you find around the house. It is fun, a good work out and you can have your kids do it with you for a fun indoor work out.

jump rope


2.  A great exercise to work out your core, that takes no equipment and helps you become                    more fit are Sit Ups or crunches they become harder the more you do, but taking fifteen minutes out of your morning to do them can really help you become healthier, more fit, and be ready for the holidays!

3.This next idea takes a little more time and a little bit of knowledge, doing Yoga every morning or every night can help you relax, get fit and beat those holiday pounds that everyone seems to find around this time of the year.


4. Another great work out that you can do quickly because it is so tiring is the plank it works your core. You can do it on any floor and as many reps as you want. It is so tough even the military uses it as a work out.

5. Just like the plank but a little easier and more well-known are Push Ups, if you do them right they are a great work out and you can take out as much time as you can to do as many as you can, but remember to push yourself!

push up







6. Have you ever tried running up and down stairs? Well if you have stairs in your home, and you have some time, try it. It is great exercise and you can even have your kids join you and make it a race, great work out and fun family time.

7. A very simple and fun way to exercise is getting family or friends together or playing some music and start dancing! It is another fun and great way to exercise. All you need are your favorite songs and some moves and you are good to go. Dance as much as you want and remember to have fun!

These seven different work outs can help you stay fit and healthy throughout this holiday season, choose any or all of them and get your family to join you, quality family time while having fun! Don’t find those pounds that you have worked so hard to lose!